3 Scenarios for Storyline Workshops.

Help people to become a strong team.

Today’s world is international, cross-functional and agile. To better navigate in this world, Storyline Workshops equip people with the means to better work together:

  • A clear understanding for the common denominator
  • Transparency and acceptance for individual facets.
  • A joint purpose and driver for the activities ahead.

Help teams to form initiatives.

Successful programs and projects required a strong foundation and common understanding – within and beyond the core project team.

Storyline Workshops help people to specify, describe and communicate initiatives in a tangible way and drive change management from day one.

Make initiatives deliver amazing products.

Every outcome of an initiative can be seen as a product, even if it will exist in more than one evolutionary stage.

Storyline Workshops help project teams to understand the “product aspect” of their work. They help to apply product management and marketing principles to deliver value to target groups and stakeholders.