What makes Storyline Workshops special.

They have a clear framing

If you want people to perform at their best, they need to understand why their contribution is needed and what is expected from them. A clear framing will help to clarify the basics and define the participant’s role in the process.

The Storyline Workshop itself is only a tool to let participants play their part with confidence and fun.

They keep engagement levels up

The only way to keep people away from their phones, e-mails and instant messaging systems is to keep them busy.

Storyline Workshops do exactly that: participants are always active contributors and group work methodologies keep their brains engaged and away from the daily business tasks.

Two basic rules…

  1. Max. 18 participants in total = Max. 3 work groups with 6 participants each. No passive bystanders or observers.
  2. 20 min. coffee break before and after lunch, 90 min. lunch break – that’s over 2 hours of break time to catch up with the really urgent matters.

My recommendation to you…

Invest in a creative & empowering offsite location, if you don’t have dedicated workshop or conference facilities. This will show your appreciation of people’s time and how much you value their input – trust me.

They use “Listening” as a methodology

All Storyline Workshops facilitate the exchange between participants and make listening to each other a key element of the work. This helps to increase the quality of the workshop outcome and nurtures a better understanding between the workshop participants.

Example of a group session framing poster