"Stakeholder Prototyping" Workshop

The Stakeholder Prototyping Workshop is the most powerful format I have ever facilitated. During my time at Tieto I had the chance to work with a group of coaching and consulting experts to design a 1.5 day sequence of methodologies that hasn’t failed me once in over 10 sessions.

It’s the ideal formal to build bridges across stakeholder groups, recruit ambassadors for change and create real excitement for complex projects. It even works with (the right) executives.

Description of the workshop design


Interactive and tangible requirements engineering and solution ideation with a cross-functional stakeholder group, that will act as the core ambassador group for the change management process.


  • Determine, specify & prioritise business challenges
  • Develop a joint vision for the solution
  • Prioritise steps on a future roadmap
  • Prototype “the value of the new service”


  • Prioritised business requirements
  • Business vision for the add value of the new service
  • Relational (non-technical) prototypes of the new solution


  • Photo story & transcript of the session
  • Optional: video for internal distribution
  • Report & recommendation for the next steps


Max. 15 participants from various functions and across hierarchies


  • 1-2 days to define & select participants
  • 0.5 day + 1 day in an offsite location (no “part time” attendance or visitors/observers)
  • 3-5 days for the report & outside-in perspective (recommended)
  • 5-10 days for a video (optional)
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