"Joint Mission Statement" Workshop

The Joint Mission Statement is a structured workshop concept to align a cross-functional stakeholder group before embarking on a new initiative. I’ve used the approach to “re-calibrate” teams and projects as well, after things got a little “out of tune”. A common understanding and terminology is key to the success of complex and often long term initiatives.

As part of an international project the Joint Mission Statement even helped to determine the business case for internationalising a local digital program. The module was executed in all business regions and the outcome was used to deliver a concrete and tangible report on potential synergies.

The outcome of the Joint Mission Statement can furthermore be used to align the project team’s perspective ambitions with management and leadership expectations.

Description of the workshop design


Create a common understanding for motivation, objective and scope of a digital initiative or change program in order to align stakeholders and build a strong ambassador group.


  • Determine reference points & anchors in the core business process
  • Describe business challenges, their effects & consequences
  • Formulate the expectations towards a future solution to the challenges
  • Scoping of the initiative ahead


  • Cross-functional understanding for the motivators for change
  • Common terminology to describe challenges & solutions
  • “Unique Selling Proposition” for the solution
  • Joint agreement on “in-scope” and “out-of-scope”


  • Live documentation (raw & agreed format)
  • Summary of the results
  • Report & outside-in perspective on the results


Max. 6 core stakeholders (to be determined in the preparation phase)


  • 1-2 days of preparation
  • 4h Joint Mission Statement workshop
  • 2 days of documentation & reporting
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