From Practice: Building the BaseCamp

This is a real project example for how a Storyline Workshop series can be orchestrated. The concept (or parts of it) have been used in various industries and helped to align stakeholders across hierarchies and business functions in internal and external digitalisation initiatives.

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The sequence is designed to deliver the key building blocks for initiating a digital service design project: project objectives & charter, base-line for success measurement, change management foundation, initial release plan and prioritised roadmap. It allows for close collaboration with the key stakeholders to ensure buy-in and gives the global service audience a voice in prioritising the roadmap.

Logic of the Sequence

The “Building the BaseCamp”-series uses compact formats to align core project team, key stakeholders and general audience with regards to the project. The sequence of workshops and activities creates transparency for expectations, priorities and delivers a common understanding for “why we will be doing things in a certain way and order“.

Alignment of perspective & understanding

The JMS synchronises the core team’s perspective and language (as in: terminology). It helps “to speak with one voice” when talking to stakeholders about the initiative.

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Forming core team, project & ambassadorship

The SPWS is a 1.5 day long, offsite – some might say “design thinking” – format. It takes the participants on a journey from today’s challenges to the prototypes of tomorrow’s solutions. The format was initially designed to align the core project team and create ambassadorship from key stakeholders. After slight modifications it can be used to get (top) management buy-in and contribution as well.

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Learning about challenges & expectations

It’s impossible to make everyone part of a project team. The Management Interview Series and the Global Audience Voice are formats to make sure that affected people “feel heard”. An essential outcome of both activities are a solid baseline for future success measurement.

[Workshop sheets for Interview Series and Global Audience Voice (Survey).]

Building a tangible scope for the Minimal Viable Product

Key to a successful first release of a digital service is a realistic, tangible and transparent scope. The format helps to align the core team on the ambition, the “minimal viable product” (= the elements that MUST be delivered) and what will be pushed to future releases. The outcome is particularly helpful to manage expectations and have solid reasons to argue prioritisation and roadmap.