Equip your people with the skills to design and run impactful workshops.

With the Storyline Workshop “Train Your Designers” Modules, I help people to acquire and develop the skill of workshop design and facilitation. Key building blocks of the training are

  • How to scope and specify single sessions or workshop series
  • The building of storylines that deliver a coherent experience
  • Identification of the “from scratch” design of group exercises
  • Essentials to facilitate the preparation and execution of workshops
  • Collection & documentation of workshop results

Base Camp 1 – the foundation

2.5 days | max. 8 participants

  • Scoping of workshops and how to determine the right format
  • Design & planning of workshops (methods & timing)
  • Workshop location, set-up & material
  • Role and persona of a workshop facilitator (do’s & don’ts)
  • Workshop & exercise framing
  • Illustration & flip chart design

6.900 EUR*

Base Camp 2 – the hands-on experience

  • 1 day of scoping & design work
  • 2 x 0.5 days of workshop execution
  • 1 day of debriefing, reflection & discussion

Max. 8 participants

Based on a real business challenge, the participants will scope a workshop challenge and deliver 2 competing designs. After running the sessions with volunteer participants, they will be able to compare results, debrief each other on experience and learn from hands-on practice.

9.900 EUR*

Race for the Summit

Max. 2 co-facilitators + 12 workshop participants

Tackling a real business challenge, the co-facilitators will experience one of my most successful workshop designs. They will be able to experience and participate in a pre-defined series of alignment, discovery and design thinking exercises.

9.900 EUR*

* Cost indication. The final amount is dependent on travel, required preparation and customisation of the approach to the client requirements.

The background

Storyline Workshops is a design thinking approach, which can be applied to any team building or business challenge. It provides clarity & structure when people have to contribute to a specific solution and make it easier to reach a shared objective as a group.

I have designed and facilitated workshops for almost 15 years now to help people with

  • Project design, re-calibration and rescue
  • Team & mandate design
  • Strategy design
  • Implementation planning

To experience how people strive and abandon their comfort zones is what makes me love this particular part of my job as a coach. Since the whole spiel isn’t magic but driven by meticulous preparation and planning, I thought to myself: Why not turn some of my client’s people into workshop designers and facilitators?

That’s why I have decided to offer the “Train Your Designers” approach and get more people to enjoy the power and impact of Storyline Workshops.

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