Let’s build your story!

SetUp: Full Facilitation or Train The Trainer

You are free to choose how your team of moderators is set up: fully external, mixed or staffed solely with your own people. Whenever you choose to involve your own people, I will help you to choose the right profiles and run the train-the-trainer sessions required beforehand.

Involving your own people will allow you to repeat the format without external support. This is especially helpful, if you want to scale and run the workshops more than once or make the workshop format part of your own way of working.

Step 1: Setting the Stage

In this phase, I will get to know you, the challenge at hand and the expectations you have towards the workshop. We will discuss things you’ve tried so far and why you have decided to run the workshop.

Step 2: Defining the Characters

The right choice and combination of participants is paramount to the success of a workshop. This doesn’t mean, that we only want the yes-sayers, but if we decide to involve the challenging characters of your organisation, we need to make sure to have the right balance in place. I will be briefed by you, on who I will be working with and how you believe potential breakout groups should be put together from the participants.

Step 3: Designing the Plot

Based on the setting, the characters and the objective of the workshop I will come up with a design proposal for the workshop didactic, methods and timing. We will review and refine the proposal until it feels good to you and then create the necessary briefing for the participants.

Step 4: Identify potential Conflict

If not part of the setting or workshop objective to overcome a specific challenge, we will make sure that we are prepared for hick-ups. People driven formats always have potential for unforeseen events. The better prepared we are to identify potential conflict, the more smoothly we will be able to keep the entire experience.

Step 5: Run. Document. Follow-up.

Before we conduct the workshop, we will specific what kind of documentation you expect. If the documentation involves pictures or videos of people, we make sure that we get their consent upfront. If you would like an update external point of view on the actual workshop dynamics and output, I’m happy to provide that as well. The documentation and follow-up will always come with a recommendation for a next step.

Optional: The Video

As long as we have the consent of the participants, I’m happy to prepare for a little more emotional documentation of the meeting. A video helps participants to re-live the experience and can create a stronger connection to the outcome. This is particularly valuable if one objective is to build strong connections or ambassadorship.

Interested? Let’s talk.

If you are interested in building your own Storyline Workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to answer your questions or act as a sparring partner for your thought process.