The Story: Starting a new digitalisation journey with an executive team.

I am sharing this from the middle of a workshop preparation. It’s a simple three-step program for the first one in a series of executive workshops to specify and build a digitalisation roadmap.

Here’s a translation, since the poster is in German:

What are we going to achieve today?

  • We will synchronise the way we talk HOW about WHAT.
  • We will develop a first understanding of WHERE digitalisation will create a benefit.
  • We will create a first picture of FROM WHERE we will start our journey.

From experience, people tend to have their mental image and language for a topic. That becomes particularly obvious if they try to talk about that topic to each other. The first workshop will allow the participants to develop and agree on a shared mental model for the pretty complex subject. Having a shared mental model will make it easier to talk about digitalisation in general and specify particular aspects of it with less (or no) misunderstanding.

The same synchronisation has to happen for the understanding of where the journey will begin. The team needs to have a shared and honest picture of the companies capabilities, organisational pre-conditions and external factors. Otherwise, proposals and ideas will get challenged on grounds, which are not synchronised between all stakeholders.

That’s usually a starting point for frustration and dispute and nicely captured in the “storming” phase of team dynamics.

Author: Philipp

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