The Story: alignment of business functions after a re-organisation

Please note, that the following is only a condensed description of the initiative. The workshop format set out below is one building block in a series of methods to capture insight and knowledge. It itself it would be too complex to be executed as a stand-alone module.

The Setting

After a organisational re-structuring and consolidation program, a newly built team of IT experts had to be aligned on the shared topic of Document Management (DMS). Coming from different backgrounds and parts of the business, the new members should become a strong team with a common purpose.

The Characters

  • Head of IT
  • Functional IT Leads
  • Document Management Expert
  • Business Representatives

The Conflict

  • Capture business specific aspects of DMS
  • Find & document the common denominator
  • Identify & document room for improvement
  • Unveil potential for more effectiveness in DMS

Ultimate challenge
Ensure openness and buy-in to balance functional autonomy and coordination of the topic in accordance with the corporate framework.


In a (pre-briefed & prepared) one-day workshop, the key protagonists were led through a process to determine and document their business, process and compliance requirements towards DMS. With the help of several methods, the participants were supported in “speaking the same language” and aligning their perspectives on and dimensions of DMS.

Storyline Workshop® Twist

In a “Storyboarding” exercise, the participants captured the key aspects of DMS from the perspective of each business function. The method helps to determine

  • commonalities/common denominator
  • process/function specific aspects
  • variety of content & content types to be managed
Storyboarding canvas to align different perspectives on the same subject
Storyboarding canvas to align different perspectives on the same subject

Author: Philipp

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