In a nutshell.

Storyline Workshops® is a design thinking approach, which can be applied to any team building or business challenge.

Storyline Workshops provide clarity & structure when people have to contribute to a specific solution, and make it easier to reach a shared objective as a group. A shared language helps to better understand each other and build temporary or long term teams. Everyone gets a voice and the chance to add their piece to the outcome.

The design formats are engaging & fun, because laughter and positivity are a strong foundation for trust and collaboration. The experience shows appreciation of your people’s time and creates positive memories and identification with the topic at hand.

Storyline Workshops® can be used for

  • Team building and forming exercises
  • Finding solutions to concrete business challenges
  • Service and product development
  • Program and project initiation for digitalisation

Storyline Workshops are built like a novel.

Participants are the story’s characters, with their distinct role in the process. Your business or market environment is the setting of the plot, the actual challenge of the workshop.

The plot has a clear beginning, a middle and an end. The plot will help participants to make sense of the story from start to finish. It is built from the workshop framing, through the methods to facilitate people dynamics and through clear expectations for the outcome of the workshop.

The conflict of a Storyline Workshop is what stands between today and tomorrow, between the status-quo and the vision. Through the plot, the characters will work on resolving the conflict as a team.

Storyline Workshops are designed to engage people, excite them and let them forget everything that might be distracting while they work together. Through that, your people will be able to deliver beyond what they think is possible.